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Airbrush makeup is a great choice for a flawless and long-lasting makeup finish. Featuing an ergonomic fluid control trigger that provides maximum control and a smooth finish.


If you are looking for lightweight and portable device that can handle professional and daily personal use, then we have the answer! The powerful compressor has three pressure settings and can be used at all stages of makeup application. It's lightweight, portable and so pretty!





Full list of Features


Powerful Portable Long Lasting

The portable air compressor is powered by built-in 900mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can be quickly charged (in 90mins) via the included USB Type-C cable.


Suitable for all Stages of Application

35mm nozzle delivers a fine mist suitable for all Velbella Foundations, Shimmer and Blush. We also suggest running your setting spray through the airbrush. The finer the mist on your setting spray, the less damage you do to your makeup application.


Adjustable Air Pressure

The Beauty Airbrush System supports 3 levels of adjustable air pressure; 22, 26 & 35PSI. The higher pressure is capable of delivering a heavier coating more rapidly over a wide area.

Features a simple one-button control with LCD display screen.


Professional Control

Ergonomic trigger allows you to accurately control and adjust the amount of makeup being pushed through the airbrush.


Using a slide motion, move the trigger on the airbrush back for better control and a well-balanced distribution of the product.


When the trigger is not activated, the airbrush delivers a constant gentle flow of air. Perfect for drying or cooling.


Wide Range of Applications

The Velbella Beauty Airbrush System can be used for the following applications: 

  • Hydration/Toning Mists (Skin Prep)
  • Airbrush Foundation 
  • Airbrush Blush
  • Airbrush Shimmer / Highlighter
  • Body Bronzing Mists 
  • Body Painting
  • Makeup Setting Spray


Easy to Clean and Maintain

Simply flush your Velbella Beauty Airbrush System using our Velbella Cleaner immediately after each use. This maintenance routine drastically reduces the frequency of detailed airbrush cleaning.


If your Velbella Beauty Airbrush System becomes clogged, you can refer to the service manual for instructions on how to perform a full cleaning service.


**BONUS: 50ml Velbella Cleaner included!


Comes with 3 different capacity cups

* 10ml - perfect for all of our Velbella Airbrush Foundations, Shimmer and Blush.

* 20ml & 40ml cups. Use for our Body Bronzing Mists **coming soon**



I'm not a professional makeup artist, will I be able to use this?

Yes! Airbrush isn't just for professionals. More and more we are seeing a lean towards clean and easy foundations. Velbella Airbrush aims to provide products that are simple enough to use at home, while also providing the longevity professionals look for.


We host regular Workshops as well as 1:1 Masterlasses. Head to the LEARN page to find out more! 

Also, follow our instagram @velbella.airbrush for educational how-to-apply videos for all levels. 


How long does the battery last?

Based on our testing, the Velbella Beauty Airbrush System can complete four full sets of makeup before requiring a recharge.


Pro tip: get yourself a portable battery charger so you never risk running out of battery when working on large group bookings.


Which power setting should I be using?

If you are using Velbella Airbrush Foundation, Shimmer, Blush, Body Bronzing Mist or Makeup Setting Sprays we find that 22PSI is plenty of power however, if you need more power, you can bump it up to 26 or even 35 PSI. This airbrush machine can also be used with acrylic paints, so power will not be an issue.


I'm a professional makeup artist using an external compressor and airbrush gun. Will a portable machine be powerful enough for me?

Yes! Most of the leading airbrush compressors have a maximum range of 40 PSI. Our portable system reaches 35PSI. So, it has plenty of boost for applications and no cords to tangle in!


Our key Makeup Artist, Emma from @GlowstudiobyVelbella made the switch and hasn't looked back! 


Why does the beauty airbrush system also have large plastic cups?

Well, will soon be introducing our 'Body Bronzing Mist' Designed to boost confidence and provide full-body coverage with luminescence, this spray can be used all over your body for a bronzed or illuminated look. Watch this space!

Velbella Beauty Airbrush System

Shipped by 4 June 2023
  • 1 * Velbella Beauty Airbrush System

    1 * Extra 0.35mm Nozzle

    1 * Metal Cup (10ml)

    2 * Plastic Cup (20ml & 40ml)

    5* Cleaning Spoolies

    1 * Dropper

    1 * Mini Spanner

    1 * Mini Charging Cable

    1 * Service Manual

    Bonus 30ml Velbella Cleaner

  • Color: Champagne
    Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Air Pressure: 22psi, 26psi, 35psi
    Battery Capacity: 900mAh
    Charging Voltage: 5V 1A/2A
    Charging Port : USB-C
    Nozzle: 0.35mm

    Base :14cm 
    Nozzle Length: standard 14cm

    Assembled Weight:

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