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Velbella Airbrush Machine Makeup Professional
Velbella Airbrush Mineral Makeup Bridal Foundation

Velbella Airbrush Makeup was founded in 2013 by Brisbane Makeup Artist, Lauren Veling. After working with many products, Lauren found she wasn’t 100% happy with the results, so she took matters into her own hands and launched the Airbrush Makeup Range online by Velbella Cosmetics. 

In 2021, Lauren put away her Makeup Brushes for good, and Emma Moffat became the new managing director.

Emma had been using Velbella Airbrush Makeup professionally, on her clients at Glow Studio, for many years and shared the same passion for Airbrush Makeup as Lauren did. It was a colour-match made in heaven!

September, 2022 Amelia Rees officially came on board as Partner at Velbella and we've been loving every moment. 



We have been friends longer than Emma has been in the beauty industry. We have been through lifes ups and downs together and, through all of our experiences we have learnt the importance of kindness, connection and loving yourself. 


Learning to love who you are has been a journey for both of us. Life can be tricky but when you have the right network of connections, it makes all the difference. 

What we bring to the table is our dynamic. You'll hear Emma use Amelia's nickname 'Meals' or 'MealsHouse' (a term her twins use). Our banter is apparently very entertaining and we receive many compliments around the energy and tone we bring to the room.


You'll see over 16 years of friendship in action as we walk in the door on the morning of your wedding and set the tone for the day.


Our favorite compliment - you made getting ready for my wedding fun and memorable.

Amelia Rees Emma Moffat Co-Directors Velbella Airbrush.jpg
Emma Moffat Managing Director Beauty Therapist Makeup Artist Hairstylist

Beauty Therapist / Makeup Artist / Hairstylist 

Emma has over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry. Emma is a qualified Beauty Therapist, Airbrush Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, and Special Effects Artist. 

Staying on trend and current with relevant fashion trends, Emma will work with you to design the perfect makeup look to complement your event.

Emma has worked extensively in the Beauty Therapy and Day Spa Industry; which has provided her with an in-depth knowledge of skincare. Emma is passionate about prepping each client's skin accordingly to achieve the desired makeup finish.


She prides herself on being reliable and punctual, as well as delivering a high quality finish for your special event or wedding day.

In addition to all other services, Emma is also available for one-on-one masterclasses and school workshops. 




Key Hair Stylist

After years of assisting Emma on her path in beauty, they finally made it official and Emma invited Amelia on as a Velbella Partner at the end of 2022. They work together on Velbella Airbrush production, marketing, workshops and even new product research.


She is our Signature Hairstylist and only goal is to make you feel confident on your special day.

As well as Velbella, Amelia is the Podcast Producer and Founder of Pretty Podcasts. She loves the process of bringing real stories to listeners and creating connections.

Her passion for connecting with people has always been the centre of whatever she does. 

Amelia Rees Co-Director Airbrush Makeup Key Hair Stylist at Glow Studio by Velbella
Glow Studio by Velbella Airbrush Superstars!
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