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Professional 250ml Airbrush Cleaner Refill with BONUS mini funnel. 


Velbella Airbrush Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove all makeup residue from your Airbrush Gun.​


Airbrush Makeup will dry and set in your Airbrush Machine within minutes. It is imperative, for longevity of your Airbrush Machine, that you flush your machine and nozzle with our cleaner, immediately after use.​


Pro MUA Tip:

Your client's Airbrush Makeup needs to dry and set slightly, before you apply any Setting Powder. While the foundation is drying, this is the perfect time flush your machine with cleaner.​

It only takes 15 seconds and, if completed after each use, drastically reduces the chances of clogging. ​


Velbella Airbrush Cleaner is additionally offered in a larger 250ml refill, with a complimentary 50ml size for professional kits.



Twist Cap

Bonus Mini Funnel + FREE 50ml Cleaner

- Size: 50ml - Squeeze Bottle

- Size: 250ml Refill

- Material:PET

Airbrush Cleaner 250ml

  • Aqua (Water), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Ethanol, Lactic Acid, Poloxamer 124, Fragrance

  • Cleaning Your Airbrush Machine After Use

    Follow these simple steps to clean your airbrush machine immediately after use:

    1. Fill the airbrush machine cap with Velbella Cleaner. Use a cotton tip or fine liner brush to mix and agitate the cleaner in the cup, ensuring that it penetrates the nozzle.
    2. Turn the machine to maximum airflow and direct it into a sink or bin to flush out the cleaner.
    3. Repeat the process if necessary to ensure that no makeup residue is left inside the machine.

    Velbella Airbrush Cleaner is formulated to clean your airbrush machine and break-down minerals which may clog your airbrush gun.  This maintenance routine reduces the frequency of detailed airbrush servicing. This, can be completed yourself using the Beauty Airbrush System manual.

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